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They needed a bullet to the head too. Happy Reading! View all 35 comments. Shock, something touches him out of the darkness A story unfolds, a young woman with a secret put in an insane asylum without being insane , a conspiracy to steal not only wealth but identity. Hartright has been hired by her rich, unsocial invalid uncle Fredrick Fairlie, to teach watercolor painting, never mind that she and her half-sister Marian Halcombe have no talent, they need something to pass the time.

Laura is very pretty, her sister is very intelligent but plain, but both are devoted to each other, a lonely life at Limmeridge House in Cumberland by the sea. Their uncle rarely sees them, quite fearful of his health a sick hypochondriac, kind of funny not a man of feelings. A sudden love between Walter and Laura, ensues, the teacher and the student but her older wiser sister Marian doesn't approve, Laura is engaged to Sir Percival Glyde, 25 years her senior, a gentleman of seemingly good manners and taste a baronet, who her late father insisted she marry men could do that then.

Hartright is forced to leave the premises early, later traveling to the jungles of Central America to forget but doesn't, by Marian a event that she greatly regrets soon, and Laura more so , his three month employment shortened to two, Mr. Fairlie is not happy, why the puzzled man thinks can't people keep their promises anymore? The extremely obese, brilliant and mysterious Count Fosco, an Italian nobleman he says and good friend of Sir Percival, arrives with his wife Eleanor, she is the icy aunt of Laura and sister of Uncle Frederick, without any family affections.

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The Count loves animals but isn't fond of people, his pets are his best friends birds and white mice, he plays with, they adore him too. The Woman in White, sends an anonymous letter to the miserable Miss Fairlie, the future bride warning her that Glyde is not a good person. Anne is creeping about in the neighborhood, the Count and the Baronet are nervous , why? But the unhappy wedding day comes between Laura and Percival, that nobody wants but Sir Percival, he has a motive not love but wealth, she has money he has none.

Predictably the couple travel across Europe, see many fascinating things on their long honeymoon and hate each other Back in sweet England at the home of Sir Percival's, Blackwater Park, an appropriate name for the estate, in need of repairs the conspiracy goes forward, Laura and Marian are alone to battle him and the Count and his faithful wife, Eleanor the lurking Anne is still floating about, by the dismal lake nearby, something has to give soon. A wonderful novel from long ago, quite a mystery to be unraveled and one of the first written, still a superb read for fans of the genre, make that great literature.

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A mysterious tale spun by a writer with a penchant for drama and a lawyer's practicality. The Woman in White will tickle readers who enjoy books where the truth lies hidden beneath the biases of characters who deliver their version of the story through a first-person narrative. View all 12 comments.

The Woman in White promises so much and delivers very little.

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The first hundred pages of the book are gripping and intense. Wilkie Collins begins with an atmospheric mystery that is exciting and almost haunting.

The Woman in White BBC Pt1

I really wanted to know all the secrets the story had to offer. So even when the book began to grow a little dull around the middle I carried on reading because I hoped that the dryness would be worth it, my patience was bound to be rewarded. I was so terribly mistaken. The big r The Woman in White promises so much and delivers very little. The big reveal at the end is so ridiculously anti-climactic that I actually laughed. For a book like this, one that is driven by the plot rather than the characters, it is such a major downfall.

The real problem this story had is its pacing.

How is The Woman in White BBC series different from the original Wilkie Collins novel?

There is simply too much middle where the story just doesn't go anywhere and the characters fret over the same facts but get no closer to understanding what any of it means. I grew bored of the endless speculation and marriage politics. I wanted something to happen beyond the seemingly endless conversation that held no substance.

And the entire situation was agony. It was just so frustrating! It simply did not need to happen whatsoever and was predictable to a fault. Wake up! Look at the real world! Surely, surely, nobody would be that stupid? I gave up caring. It was a relief to finish. View all 9 comments.

The settings are spooky; the motives of characters, although well known from the very start and from the intense descriptions throughout, still manage to surprise. All the elements I adore are here. No matter that bad guys get what they deserve in the end And the pacing is exactly what a serial novel of this magnitude would require it to endure.

I kept at it Lucky short-living Londoners. View all 8 comments. May 22, Paul Bryant rated it liked it Shelves: novels. I retired to my room, not before kissing my dearest darling Marian, and lay down upon my sofa for five hours. What a day! In the evening I played upon the piano, a quite difficult piece, which caused me to have to retire early and sleep for eighteen hours, once my maid Fannie undressed me and stroked my eyebrows.

Usually Fannie from excess of sentimental attachment will gently rain down white rose petals upon my counterpaine as I fall asleep to infuse my dreams with sweetness. Alas she could not do that this evening as she was required to assist the scullery undermaid in clearing the waterpond of poisonous snails, so I slept but fitfully.

Marian joined me as usual. A man smiled at me and I became very ill. As is universally understood, women are irrational creatures much given to frivolous whim and it is a situation earnestly to be desired that they be closely commanded by their menfolk, who at all times understand their best interests better than they themselves. I believe Sir Percival is trying to kill me, but that, as I have intimated, is his prerogative. I may mention that Sir Percival is the husband of my half-sister sweet kind innocent trusting pure lovely slenderwaisted Laura.

A man may beat a dog to tame it, and that is only just. Sometimes, I confess, I dare to think that a woman is better than a dog in the eyes of Our Maker. The scullery undermaid has died from something, I know not what. It is the only joy left to me that I should be allowed each night to clasp to my bosom this divine creature my half sister Laura and sleep with her in my arms which can and on occasion does produce a cramp in both arms that will not dissipate all the following morning however vigorously I swing my limbs around.

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But I say a cheap price to pay for such infinitude of bliss. I am of a different opinion as I have detected that they were shot five and forty minutes apart. There can surely not have been two identical accidents whilst cleaning pistols on one morning. I simply cannot believe it. I believe Sir Percival wishes to shut us up in an asylum. As we look exactly like two existing patients in a private asylum in north London, this will probably happen on Tuesday of next week.

My husband addressed me in these terms : "Many a fine brown egg must be destroyed to make one omelette! Make your meaning plain. Why, I — I am the omelette! View all 34 comments. A buddy read on the side with the Non-crunchers — hold the pants. This book is over years old, but, still, spoilers be us.