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When you don't have saved any money and any urgent situation occurs at you, you are unable to tackle with it and the condition can be quite pathetic when you run a bad credit score. The bad credit score is always the result of having arrears, bankruptcy, and defaults, CCJs and even insolvency and even late payments.

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Claim to be a company called E care This is a phone scam, you can't be arrested in the United States for money you owe Don't tell them anything, simply ask what state he is in and what his address information is and then contact the District Attorney's office, what Mr PINHEAD is doing is a federal crime!!! I recieved phone calls from this number starting at am until am waking me and my children..

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The caller would just sit there and not say a word, once he did try to say hi but dont think he spoke english at all!! Also the last number of these phone calls would change when he would call back, changing from 7, 8, or 9.

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When looking this up it came up as bobsled T mobile, when trying to block this number it would only block my cell and not my home number that was being called Please I want this to stop! I will file a complaint with my local police department for harrasment if it doesnt. Was for my verizon bill and had MC that I don't own. When verizon contacts me, it's from a random numeric number for bill alerts. Why u texting my man I've asked several times to stop.

The no. Received a call today from this number on my home land line phone. I'd had my ringer off and didn't answer but saw it on my caller id that the call came in at EST. Not knowing anyone who would call me with via Skype I googled and have found several reports of it being an intended scam. This no. Somewhere in Canada.

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Got a text saying 'Hi Doug! If you want to find out who this is you have to add me Yahoo Messenger.


SN Textiegirlie5' I would like to know how they got my number?! Supposedly they could lower my interest on my credit card. Luckily for me, I don't have a credit card and definitely don't need one. They called with a recorded message. Don't know if it does anything but I hope it cost them a bundle to reset the system. I'm so tired of lazy good for nothing freeloaders that can't pay attention to other people's simple request to not be bothered by their stupid phone calls at their homes. Their calling when I say I do not want any calls is an invasion of my privacy I would love to have their phone number so I could call them every hour on the hour and bug them to death like they bug my household.

They and their bosses are like pond scum or worse!!! Get a life and leave me and mine alone!!!

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If you haven't figured it out by now Stay off my phone and computer. This number keeps calling, and never leaves a message. If it isnt important enough to leave a message, it is not an important call. I never answer. I had the same thing, telling me I had an account.

They will call so much for a period of time and then stop. It;s either 'santan or Fontan' idk Charlie's Bail Bonds Enumclaw. Enumclaw, WA This seems legit. I first had a generic call as the other person mentioned. But I also received a paper bill. Then received a second vm this time an actual person saying they are the company who administered my baby's hearing test.


They were calling because I didn't have the insurance info for the new baby when I delivered. Company is call Pediatrix. Asked about calling to Cambodia. When asked how she got my number, she said for her superior.

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Left a voice mail on phone claiming I won some monetary prize in Mega-millions lottery. Have not checked them out, sounds too good to be true scenerio. The user of this no. I've registered again on the do not call list which takes 31 days for the calls to stop. I did file a complaint against this phone number.

I hope that will help. This person tried to scam us. We are halfway across the country. Asked for our name and address and said they would send a check.

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  7. I just checked and this number does the same thing around the country. Message saying that they were 'Cardholder Services' and could lower my credit card interest rates. They stated that there was not a problem with my credit card, but that my eligibility would run out shortly if I didn't respond. Uh yeah. Don't call me, I'll call you. This is a total SCAM. Don't give out any of your credit card information! I got a call at 9PM. It woke my 3 year old son up. Unfortunately, too few technically qualified botanists or horticulturists are available and willing to tackle the identification and nomencla- ture of landscape plants, leaving many plant groups in a state of perpetual taxonomic and nomenclatural confusion.

    Although botanical gardens and arboreta often maintain small herbaria to document the plants in their collec- tions, very few of the world's major herbaria are willing to incorporate specimens of cultivated plants for scientific study. The value of voucher herbarium specimens has not been sufficiently appreciated by horticulturists. Many problems related to the taxonomy and nomenclature of the plants in this catalog simply could not have been effectively investigated and resolved without the benefit of herbarium specimens. Plant Origins The area covered by the catalog encompasses much the same range as J.

    Small's Manual of the Southeastern Flora This vast region supports the richest ligneous flora in temperate North America and may be compared only with the highly diverse woody flora of the People's Republic of China. More than species of indigenous trees occur in the southeastern United States, many of them grown as landscape plants.

    One of the best known and admired is Magnolia grandiflora, which ranks among the most valuable indigenous landscape trees of the United States. Now widely cultivated abroad, this magnificent flowering tree is one of America's great gifts to the gardens of the world.