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Ecologically friendly and with minimal consumable costs this system gives packaging converters, label and security printers a fully integrated workflow at the prepress stage. It provides reduced time-to-market, increased printing quality and best reproducibility. The rotaLEN extends Stork Prints direct engraving concept and applies our explicit knowledge of screen engraving.

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Groundbreaking software Moreover, Stork Prints announces a key improvement to the software with Active 3D RIP, a pre-media relief-dot generation software tool that boosts half-tone and high-light quality by direct laser engraving. This total flexibility gives the dots optimum support, especially in highlight areas. As a result, the printing form offers improved durability and consistent printing quality over longer periods. Active 3D-RIP reduces tonal loss by up to 50 percent, compared with existing 3D dot shaping techniques used for direct laser engraving.

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This year, the company has claimed a significant quality breakthrough in flexographic laser engraving technology, with the ability to achieve of lines per centimetre at one percent dot. This is due to a tremendous improvement in the laser engraving technology itself, the software enhancements on Stork Prints systems and better choice of printing form materials. We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience.

If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Our daughter has a small hemangioma strawberry, port stain under her chin.

Our pediatrician had us meet with the pediatric plastic surgeon to discuss having it removed. The doctor wants to treat her with a laser in a simple in and out procedure to remove it in case it scars her later. I'm leaving it alone for now- but I can see it being a prob when she's older bikini..

My cousins daughter had a hemangioma on the side of her face and they had the red lasered off. But hers was scary, it grew, a benign tumor,. My 6 year old had a large hemangioma over her eye and nose.

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She had propranolol to shrink it from 12 weeks to about 14 months old, and then had laser surgery to reduce redness when she was about 4 and a half years old. I had one as a child. It went away on its own.

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My pediatrician recommended that we do it. I had two large ones on my arms as a baby. Pretty much took up the entire upper part of my arm. If you look closely you can still see something was once there but nothing that would ever warrant plastic surgery.

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If it's not noticeable now guaranteed it won't be noticeable when she's older. Sounds like the dr just wants to make some extra money.

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On a side note my son also has one on his right side, and we'll let nature take its course. Capillary vascular malformations of both types vary widely in size, and can appear anywhere on the body.

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There is no link between genetics and capillary vascular malformation, and their cause and any determination of who is predisposed to be affected by them is unknown. In rare cases, the formation of these birthmarks can be associated with several rare syndromes which affect brain and body development. Capillary vascular malformation is generally diagnosed based on appearance. Health care professionals may perform a skin biopsy or ultrasound to confirm diagnosis. Additionally, if the condition is suspected to be associated with the rare developmental syndromes listed above, additional testing may be necessary.

Salmon patches are usually temporary dilations, and therefore no treatment is required. In the case of port wine stains, treatment may be requested based on the location of the birthmark. In cases where the birthmark is complex in formation or location, an MRI may be performed to assist in planning treatment. If a lesion does not respond to the pulsed dye laser, and may be treated with other laser therapies.