Ichthyology: A Laboratory Manual

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All academic work is expected to be in compliance with this policy. Each CMU student is encourage to help create an environment during class that promotes learning, dignity, and mutual respect for everyone. Students who speak at inappropriate times, sleep in class, display inattention, take frequent breaks, interrupt the class by coming to class late, engage in loud or distracting behaviors, use cell phones or pagers in class, use inappropriate language, are verbally abusive, display defiance or disrespect to others, or behave aggressively toward others could be asked to leave the class and subjected to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures.

Becker, G. Fishes of Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

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Calliet, G. Love, and A. Fishes: A field and laboratory manual on their structure, identification, and natural history. Waveland Press, Prospect Heights, Illinois. Holland-Bartels, L. Littlejohn, and M. A guide to larval fishes of the Upper Mississippi River. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Fishes of the Great Lakes region. Moyle, P. University of California Press, Berkeley, California. Cech, Jr. Fishes: an introduction to ichthyology. Fifth edition. Prentice-Hall, Engelwood Cliffs, N. Oates, D. Krings, and K. Field manual for the identification of selected North American freshwater fish by fillets and scales. Nebraska Technical Series No. Robison, H. Canadian nature guides freshwater fish. Trautman, M. The fishes of Ohio. Waverly Press, Inc. Wootton, R. Ecology of teleost fishes, second edition.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherl. Tentative Laboratory Schedule. Morphometrics and meristics Calliet et al. Internal anatomy Calliet et al. Jan 23 Test of dichotomous key. Fish identification Petromyzontidae, Acipenseridae, Polyodontidae, Lepisosteidae. Gasterosteidae Feb 20 Fish identification Review. Lab tables must be cleaned with bleach and water.

Because of laboratory time 3 hours and open lab hours on Fridays , you may not study in the laboratory on days of quizzes and exams. Six quizzes and two laboratory exams will be administered during the semester. The exams are not timed so you may spend as much time as needed at each station. You will be graded on proper identification to species, proper nomenclature, and proper classification. In addition, you must be familiar with the natural history of each species and the status of the fish. BIO Galarowicz - home. Undergraduate students. Graduate students. Lecture exam 1.

Lecture exam 2. Laboratory exam 1. Laboratory exam 2. Laboratory quizzes.

Laboratory manual for ichthyology / Ronald H. Kilgen, James G. Ragan. - Version details - Trove

Laboratory worksheets. Fish report. Final exam. Week of:.

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January 7. January Fish locomotion. Circulatory system. No class. Thermal regulation. Hydromineral balance. January 28 — Topic due. February 4.

http://taylor.evolt.org/gocaq-conocer-chica.php Reproduction and development. Sensory systems.

Ichthyology: A Laboratory Manual

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