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Hufeland cites the case of Thomas Parr, "whose body was opened in his nd year, [proving] that even at this age, the state of the bowels may be so perfect and sound that one might certainly live some time longer. Haller and Hufeland reason that, as an animal lives eight times as long as its period of growth, so too man, "in his natural state" should be able to live eight times the 25 years it takes him to grow.

The "hygenic elite" are working people who lives simply in open air. This present work "was read literally throughout the world" Major II, p. Garrison-Morton Jena ed. Heirs of Hippocrates Jena ed. Osleriana later eds. Lesky later ed. Wellcome III, p. Jena ed. Leipzig: Otto Harassowitz, Versuch einer Kritik der logischen Vernunft.

Halle: Max Niemeyer, 8vo, xii, pp. English, Dictionnaire des oeuvres philosophiques , Husserl restates his explanation of the "transcendental ego," also called "pure consciousness," maintaining that it exists "absolutely" and that all else exists "relative" to it. Several years later, Husserl changed his position, suggesting that the transcendental ego is "correlative," rather than relative, to the world, and perplexing historians of philosophy to this day. Lapointe p. Risse II, p.

Herausgegeben von Martin Heidegger. Halle: Max Niemeyer, Barest external soiling, otherwise fine. Includes a two-page preface by Heidegger.

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Erzahlung vom grossen Plan. Mit 30 Bildern. Berlin: Malik-Verlag, Stiffcard with photo-illustrated dust jacket, rear panel of dj detatched, light-moderate wear to dj overall, otherwise very good. Noteworthy for the industrial photographs which are reminiscent of the Straight-Photography school in America lead by Paul Strand which found art in the geometry of ordinary and modern objects, often industrial machinery.

Authorized translation from the original Russian by Michael Swjetly. Jewish theater. Berlin: Die Schmiede, With 24 photographic plates.

‎Kafka franz‎

Herausgegeben von Mit Farben Raume und Bauten zu Gestalten Stuttgart: G. Siegle, ca. Oblong 4to, 20pp text printed in gray plus 30 color lithograph plates loose in portfolio. Intended for artists, architects and other professionals, the work is a tour de force of color printing. Some plates are heightened with silver, and the overall effect of the luminous colors is dazzling.

Ein Atlas und Lehrbuch.

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Leipzig: Curt Kabitzsch, Oxford: Willem A. Meeuws, ]. The commanding figure in turn-of-the-century German plastic surgery, Jacques Joseph began as an orthopedic surgeon in Berlin but soon became involved in the reduction of protruding ears and eventually in the reduction of large unshapely noses. He formulated his techniqes on the presumption that he would make his patients inconspicuous and was never in favor of vanity procedures.

He was accused of secrecy with his techniques, but eventually shared them during enormously expensive lessons. McDowell pp.


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Slightly browned. Zurich: Rascher, Second edition, first in Very nice. Attributing the original stimulus for his idea of psychic synchronicity to his acquaintanceship with Einstein in Zurich between and , Jung presents the concept of synchronicity to mean "the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels. Also touched upon is the polemic between Kepler and Robert Fludd, through which Pauli suggests that a discrepancy in the presuppostions of natural science and alchemy was revealed most noticably by a dissimilarity in symbolic notation.

Dyer p. Berlin: S.

‘Stimulating our Literature and Deepening our Culture’. in: Quaerendo Volume 47 Issue ()

Green cloth white lettered, Dust jacket, light wear, otherwise very good. Ein Fragment. Leipzig: Kurt Wolff, Original printed wrappers, blue label, very good copy in a cloth folding case. Kafka started to make notes for this work in , using the title Der Verschollene. He describes the boat journey of the sixteen year old Rossman, ordered by his parents to travel to the United States, and his friendship with the stoker whom he encourages to stand up for his own rights.

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Der Heizer appeared as vol. Dietz Modern full calf, red label, a.

Brecht im Mephisto Augsburg - Franz Fischer - Breloer und Corinna Eich

Bookplate, light external wear, very good. A superbly engraved collection of prayers in German, divided by subject into sections such as Morning Prayers, Prayers before Communion, Evening Prayers, Prayers for Peace, etc. The quality of the artwork is quite exceptional and includes an extraordinary variety of styles executed with consumate skill. The most striking portions are the numerous minutely exectued allegorical vignettes placed above the text of the prayers. Kraus suggested that the work was published in Cologne.

Bonacini Jessen, Cat. Ornamentstich Sammlung KERN, Walter. Berlin: Spielmeyer, [ca.


Elephant folio 26 x 19 inches , 25 chromolithograph plates. Frankfurt Am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, Titles in french and german on facing pages, separate indexes. Uniformly bound in red cloth, grey d. Lacks vol II, signature to endpapers, ink name written on bottom edges of all volumes. Folio, 19 by 18 inches, 16pp text, 30 plates, of which 17 are in color. This is one of numbered copies in German there were also each in French and English. Dortmund: Fr. Ruhfus, Consists of an introductory essay by Klinger in defence of commercial art, followed by black and white reproductions of his work.

Kempten: Jos. Head of spine worn, front joint just starting, title rubber-stamped, very good. Leipzig: Veit, See: Cajori p.

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