Aftermath: Guts and Glory

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With his only confidant gone, Kyle struggles to deal with the loss, while fighting to keep his hidden sexuality a secret from his parents. Army veteran, Ryder Bishop has returned from his final tour in Iraq, when severe PTSD forces him to seek help through a new counseling program back home in Texas. Can the grieving brother and damaged soldier find the peace they so desperately need? Or will they become statistics when the aftermath of war hits too close to home?

They might have shipped the soldier home, but his demons have come with him. He slowly tightened his grip and began to stroke. Exhilarated by that extra confidence, Kyle found the courage to take the next step. Ryder shuddered. Ryder made a hissing sound. Kyle corrected his technique and covered the thick shaft with his lips instead, then dove back down for another plunge. Kyle gripped the base and used his hand to jack Ryder off as he continued to suck and lick, until Ryder abruptly pulled back, and stopped him.

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